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Campaign kick-off

Since the launch of Vietnamazing in September at the EAZA conference 2023, the campaign has seen a steady growth in interest. Currently the campaign has over 115 members from EAZA institutions and conservation partners. Furthermore, some institutions have already taken the first steps in presenting Vietnamazing to their visitors.

The Cologne Zoo Aquarium houses seven of Vietnamazing´s nine flagship species. At the end of last year on the occasion of their annual event ‘Long Night at the Aquarium’ their team seized the opportunity to focus on these highly threatened species. Donations were collected through different information stands on the species biology and the zoos conservation work as well as through backstage tours by keepers. Since the event the Aquarium showcases Vietnamazing to its visitors through diverse new signboards and the movie.

The launch of the campaign at Zoo Leipzig happened on the 10th of February, which is the Vietnamese new year called Tet. As this coincided with the start of the winter holidays, the campaign was presented at an information stand, at which children were encouraged to playfully learn more about the endangered species. Donations were collected at the stand as well as through a qr-code leading to a donation page. The Vietnamazing movie is continuously shown at the Entdeckerhaus Arche, Leipzig’s conservation centre.

In the following months we are looking forward to hearing from more campaign participants about how they showcase Vietnamazing in their institutions and sharing them on this website and the campaign´s social media accounts.



Today, the new EAZA Conservation Campaign “Vietnamazing” was introduced to the EAZA Membership during the Annual Conference in Helsinki, Finland. At the plenary, the campaign was introduced to an audience of almost 900 participants which heard the vision and goals of the campaign. How they can become part of it and the flagship species which will be supported were presented. The keynote was presented by Prof Truong Quang Nguyen, Vice-director of the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR), Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) who attended the conference to meet with our zoo community. As a partner in this campaign, he explained why this campaign so importantfor Vietnams threatened diversity.

Over the next few months, EAZA members and other interested conservation partners can sign up in order to launch the campain in their own institutions. In the meantime, keep an eye on our social media and this website as it will grow with interesting information over the coming months.

We will be working together to build bridges between EAZA institutions, our visitors, Vietnamese and international conservation partners and beyond by linking conservation planning processes, in situ and ex situ conservation with habitat restoration efforts, scientific research, conservation education, fundraising and public awareness to highlight and help protect vietnamazing species, their habitats and ecosystems!

The Vietnamazing campaign team invites you to join forces and be part of it!