Joining forces to save Vietnam‘s species

Vietnam’s remarkable biodiversity is threatened by poaching and habitat loss, exacerbated by the Vietnam War and recent economic growth. EAZA’s Vietnamazing Campaign aims to unite conservation efforts, linking institutions, partners, and communities to protect the country’s unique species and ecosystems through a comprehensive approach encompassing planning, research, education, and fundraising.

Flagship Species & Projects

Chosen species showcase Vietnam’s rich biodiversity, including micro-endemics at risk. They represent species cared for by EAZA members, highlighting collaborative ex situ and in situ conservation efforts in Vietnam.

Be part of it!

Each of us can make our contribution. Whether you support us with a monetary donation or be mindful on your trip to Vietnam, every support counts.


NEWS: Vietnamazing

Today, the new EAZA Conservation Campaign “Vietnamazing” was introduced to the EAZA Membership during the Annual Conference in Helsinki, Finland. At the plenary, the campaign was introduced to an audience of almost 900 participants which heard the vision and goals of the campaign…